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November 1, 2011
July 20, 2011
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About A.L.L.'S. WELL & CO.

Sheila L. Kalisher is the founder and President of her own invention company; A.L.L.'S. WELL & CO., Inc. The company is privately held and registered in July 1986. The company is based in Livingston, New Jersey.

Her education includes attending the University of Michigan and graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Sheila was a double major in both the English Department and the School or Education. Upon graduation she received her BA and a Secondary Teaching Certificate. She taught High School English in the Detroit public school system and in the Virginia Beach school system in Virginia.

In the Spring of 1986 she began creating conceptual product innovations. Her earliest inspirations were multi-directional. Key among them were the desire to break into the field of personal designer fragrances. She conceived of an art based ladies' greeting card line with fully researched texts and attached samples of floral scents. She discovered that the zodiac had an associated floral designation under each astrological sign. This was the basis for her earliest product concept.

Over the next several years, Sheila obtained three Trademarks in this quest. The first was Zodiac Love Essences. This was followed by Astrological Aromas and Astrological Tributes which was a stand alone line without the addition of fragrance packets.

In 1986 she attended a Learning Annex Seminar on Invention in New York City. The event was led by Dr. Fad, Ken Hakuta of the Whacky Wallwalker product. Sheila met him and decided to both attend and exhibit her product creations at his first Annual Fad Fair in Detroit, Michigan in January, 1987. Another early creation was her Tackle Box Belt. Sheila demonstrated its features at both the January Fair and then again in November 1987 at the Second Fad Fair at the Sheraton Hotel in New York.

In the Fall of 1987, Sheila joined the National Society of Inventors, an inventor based organization in New Jersey. She became their public relations person and over the next few years wrote the group's newsletters and held the positions of Secretary, Vice President and President. She has been the principal contact for information regarding NSI for over 23 years. The group is still active and was established in 1976. Their web site is:

In March, 1988 Sheila helped to organize the Inventor's Forum held at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. The event was a showcase for new product ideas and was well covered by the media. Sheila demonstrated her prototype of her Tackle Box Belt. Shortly afterwards, from April 29--May 1, she attended and featured the Belt at the Second Annual Invention Convention held at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She applied for the patent on the belt and it was issued in September, 1991. The patent is a U.S. Utility patent and can be found on the web site: ( 4,957,231).

In 1997. the company published it's first greeting card line under Astrological Tributes. It was presented at the International Licensing Show at Jacob Javits in New York in June 1998. At the show she sought licensing partners for her copyrighted art work. In May, 2003 the Tributes cards were chosen to be given out in the gift bags at the Annual Daytime Emmys at Radio City. She exhibited them and met many reknown television and movie personalities. In December, 2003 Sheila brought her cards and invention ideas to the John Walsh television show showcasing Inventions.

In 2004, the Tributes art work underwent a major transformation. It was upgraded and enhanced into a more polished presentation. A new Trademark was applied for under Ladies of the Zodiac. These new designs are fully copyrighted and available for licensing. A.L.L.'S. WELL is actively seeking manufacturers and publishing partners to utilize the artistic property for upscale products in womens' themed venues. The images are an ideal fit for magnets, mugs, apparel, housewares, greeting cards with fully finished inside texts, party goods, fragrances and many additional applications. Ladies of the Zodiac is based on the global celebration of women.

Sheila has established a web store on line where buyers can create personalized zodiac products for gifts. She encourages manufacturers and potential licensing associates to create samples in their respective fields to assess the possibility of forming business alliances. The site is:

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